Balenaetcher can't burn the iso image

thank you all guys for your concern

don't you think this is strange as zorin says always
zorin lite is for old computers

Yes, it won't always halt the install. Secure Boot being enabled won't always be an issue.
Microsoft signed and validated many Ubuntu and other Distro packages in order for them to work with Secure Boot. But... MS did not sign them all. Which means that with Secure Boot enabled, some packages will work... and some will not. Usually confusing you when they fail.

I have installed Zorin OS and Zorin OS Lite on many old computers without any issues.
But nothing is ever guaranteed... If a manufacturer cut some corners in using cheaper hardware - or you are installing on an old Chrome Book or the computer has only a dedicated graphics card... Some computers resist Linux because they are built only for Windows.

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ok thank you my friend for your time and effort
i may change this |GPU or change the whole computer

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