BAM Huawei E188 USB

How I install this USB 3G BAM in this distribution thanks to your support

I have no idea what this is, perhaps if you provide a link I can understand.
This is all I can find: - so it must be one of those devices
Try connecting it and then going to Zorin menu -> Settings -> Network and then probably a selection under the Wired category.

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Thanks for your reply sorry to dont explain about my problem. Listen
I have this USB 3G Mobile Broadband Modem and I try to install in Zorin but the systems only reconize this to a pendrive. I need install this to use wireless connectivity. Thanks

Can you confirm that the Settings -> Network suggestion, earlier, doesn’t work for you?

If so, try the steps here:

I resolve the problem in this form.
1.- Put the USB 3G BAM in the slot the system detect this later copy the folder Linux to the home directory name the directory temp.
2.- change to this directory in the terminal chmod + x to the script install.
3.- Execute the script some errors found but wait the driver copy to the system.
4.- Restart the system and detect the BAM 3G enter in configure and finish them.

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