Barrier - ZorinOS17Pro Wayland issue?


Since my upgrade to ZorinOS 17 Pro, I have not been able to use Barrier.
I have turned off firewalls on both PC's, and eventually got both installs of Barrier to be in a "Running" state.

However, moving my mouse across the screen, it does NOT move to the next PC.

I am thinking this is something to do with Wayland?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

It does appear that the devs of barrier did not have plans for Wayland support back in 2021:

You can change to Zorin on X at login. When you select your user name a cog appears bottom right of login screen, click on that to change to Zorin on X.

Also barrier is now a dead project:

Suggested alternatives here:


Wow! Thank you for your quick and detailed feedback.
I had "googled" for solutions but obviously did not use the right search terms, as your research has been far more effective!

I now have some reading to do!

I'm using de-Googled Chrome on Fairphone 3+ from /e/ foundation set to which doesn't always bring right answer but offers Brave search engine as first alternative.

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Thx swarf. I too, had the same problem. Switching to Zorin on Xorg resolved my issue.