Bash vs zsh

Which one you using?
I have changed bash for zsh and must sayed this is very nice and have many functions and plugins. Anyone have experience with that? Do you using another terminal example terminator?

ZSH with oh-my zsh and powerlevel10k

Auto suggestion plugin and syntaxing plugin is the best

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Yes that is. I tested that and put some plugins and it is very interesting. Help faster wrote commands and if they correct.

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Fish shell is also a better alternative for bash

I have used and continue to use bash by way of gnome terminal. While i like some of the features zsh offers, the simplicity and ensuring I understand the unfeatured bash is important to me. This allows me to work at any terminal in any Linux machine, comfortably and confidently. Not everyone will have zsh or use it. I may try it on a little while, after I'm certain i have at least the basics of bash comfortably under my belt.


Something that?

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I remember also someone testing kitty shell but don't have a good experience with kitty.


Kitty is a terminal emulator right?


the same like a terminator

Same here. Some features are interesting in zsh or fish but the compatibility and "standardization" (is this a real word?) argument wins me over every time.

For the terminal emulator, I use Tilix which is built using GTK3 and follows the same design guidelines, so it feels like an updated version of Gnome Terminal.

I tried Kitty before but behaves extremely funky some times. For example inside SSH sessions when I press backspace to delete a letter it adds a space instead...

Xfce terminal is also pretty nice to use, and reliable.

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