Battery back up with zorin

hey!! i wanted to know what your laptop's battery backup is with zorin or ubuntu or linux. and please mention mention your battery watt hour too. actually i am from india and we don't get ubuntu or linux based laptops here. so, please guide!! :pray:

Well, keep in mind, most of our notebook computers don't come with Linux either, they come with Windows on them, just as mine did. The thing is, we take Windows off, and install Linux on them instead.

Yes, there are some notebooks that come with Linux already on them, but they are in the minority. The maximum watt hour you might find in a computer is probably going to be the legal max in many countries, which is 99 watt hour.

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I am also from India, I have been using my laptop from 3 Years and my battery is 4000mah, I get around 2-3 hours. You can extend your battery life by many ways (which even windows does not have), such as installing Slimbook Battery, TLP, and others, which can be explained by @StarTreker, @Aravisian, @FrenchPress :slightly_smiling_face:

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haa i know that ,generally lappies have 43/52/53/54 watt batteries so i was just kind off curious how long will my new lappie last. by the way thanks for the reply

thanks dude, btw which brand laptop is it?

Lenovo IdeaPad 330 with Intel Core i3 7th Gen 7020U, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Intel Graphics 620 :wink:

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How long a laptop computer will last on battery, really depends on what you are doing with the laptop, and how much power draw is being put on the battery.

For example, the MSI GE76-231 Raider computer is a high end machine capable of extreme levels of gaming, and fairly high levels of video production as well, capable of 8K video rendering, and displaying through the display port.

But here's the thing, to have all that performance going full power, I would only get maybe 1-hour off the battery before it was dead. However, there are ways of mitigating that, by locking the system down to LOW POWER and LOW PERFORMANCE, battery saver modes.

This will lock the machine down and prevent it from drawing more power off the battery, thus extending my battery to last at least 2-hours. I can do this via the CPU POWER MANAGER extension for Gnome, which is what Zorin OS 16 uses BTW.

Now, if battery life is the upmost important to you, due to mobility reasons, then you will not want my computer, it draws too much power, and it weighs too much, like 6.6 pounds!

Realistically, if you really want great battery life, your going to be looking at getting a thin and light laptop. Thin and lites generally have a much lower power draw, they usually come with 100 watt or lower power bricks.

Thin and lights can last anywhere from 6-hours, to 14-hours of battery life, again, it all depends on what model of computer you get. And also, thin and lights, just as they are branded, are light weight, usually 4-pounds or less. So better to carry around for mobility reasons too.

Hopefully, this provided you some educational information.


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ohhh.. ok thanks for the reply!!

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ohh.. yes thank you ! you helped me a lot. now i got it all


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