Battery Backup Issue

I recently switched from Windows 10 to Zorin OS 15.3. During my normal day-to-day usage, which includes web surfing on chrome and listening to music on Spotify I used to get about 5-6 hours of battery backup on Windows, but since I have started using Zorin OS I get only about 2 hrs of battery backup.

Point to Note:

I have installed only chrome and Spotify on my laptop.
Switched from Nvidia to Intel GPU from settings (Increased about 30 mins backup).
My Laptop: Asus Vivobook x510UN

Please help me with the battery issue.

I have no solution but I just wanted to point out that the
battery issue is not specific to Zorin, but Linux in general is less efficient when it comes to battery use. You can read some explanations here:

To sum up, basically Linux does not have each battery specific firmware/driver which is almost always closed sauce and manufacturer specific.