Battery charging limit / threshold for Gnome

Battey Health Charging Gnome Extension

  • Creating this post just to bring awareness to Zorin 17 Gnome users, regarding Gnome extension to set Charging threshold / limit various laptops make/models.

Note: incompatible with Zorin16

  • Using Battery Health Charging extension, some laptop models are supported out of the box, while others model that are not supported by native linux kernel need to install dependencies, either 3rd party kernel module or packages.

  • The below link for readme of extension Github pages, contains a list of laptop make/model (also listed below) and dependencies, if required. It also contains command-line to change threshold which can be helpful for if you want to change it without extension by using commandline only. Please check it out for more information

Quick Settings and Extension Preference

I have seem lots of users in different forums asking for a GUI way to change battery charging limit/threshold and in most case the post gets locked in 3-4 days without the correct solution and I am unable to answer them, so I am creating this post. Most of user are even unaware that enthusiast have developed kernel modules and packages to change charging threshold.
Hope whoever needs this, finds this post.

List of supported laptop.

  • Asus
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Huawei
  • Toshiba
  • System76
  • Lenovo (Ideapad, Legion)
  • Thinkpad
  • Panasonic
  • Acer (dependencies: kernel module)
  • MSI (dependencies: kernel module)
  • Tuxedo (dependencies: kernel module)
  • Slimbook (dependencies: kernel module)
  • Tuxedo IntelQC71 (dependencies: kernel module)
  • XMG IntelQC71 (dependencies: kernel module)
  • Eluktronics IntelQC71 (dependencies: kernel module)
  • Gigabyte Aero/Aorus (dependencies: kernel module)
  • Dell (dependencies: custom package libsmbios)
  • Dell (dependencies: custom package Dell Command Center)
  • Apple Macbook Intel-series chip (dependencies: kernel module)
  • Apple Macbook M-series chip (dependencies: custom kernel)
  • Razer (dependencies: custom package razer-cli)
  • Framework (dependencies: kernel module)

Additionally seeking assistance with translation contributions.
Thank you.


I have moved this to Tutorials & Guides as you are not asking for hardware help, but instead providing it.
And thanks, as well - This is a topic often asked about on the forum. I was also unaware of your extension.

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Awesome! :sunglasses:

I'm absolutely trying this out - thanks! :+1:

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