Battery icon not visible most of the time

I'm running Zorin OS Core 17 on a StarLite Mk. 4 laptop. Since upgrading to 17, the battery icon on the task bar only displays when charging my laptop. Even then, not always.

I've tried installing a few Gnome extensions to display the battery icon but none have worked. So, my questions are 1) has anyone else run into this problem; 2) any idea what the cause is; and 3) how (if at all) did you solve this problem?


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Could You control if the Extension ''Zorin AppIndicators'' is enabled? Look in the Extensions List form Gnome Extensions or Extensions Manager:

Thanks for the reply.

A strange thing happened: I installed another extension, but it made my calendar disappear. So I uninstalled it, rebooted, and guess what? The battery icon is now visible. The calendar is back too. Not sure what happened there, but something worked. Ah, technology ...


Okay, the Ghost in the Machine. When it works now, good. What Extension did you uninstalled?

It's called Aylur's Widgets. Why did I install it? The widget looked interesting ...

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