Battery Issue

Hey guys
Im new to zorin os, since I've switched from windows 10 to zorin os lite about 3 weeks ago due to my Dell Vostro 1015 being really slow, and zorin os kind of fixed that problem, but now i noticed something strange. When I plug my laptop in, zorin os says its discharging, but when i unplug it, it says charging, any idea what is going on?
I did go into the BIOS settings on my Dell by pressing f2 and the battery settings are accurate and it shows its charging when i plug it in and discharged when i unplug it.
I did try restarting the laptop, updating the software, and removed the battery and put it back into the Dell, but it still seems to stay the same, although nothing wrong with the charging port or cable/adapter.
Please help me out?

I would first try calibrating the battery to the discharge read.

Let the notebook run until the battery dies completely shutting off the computer.
Once it is shut down, plug it in and let it charge overnight.

Boot up and test. A heads up; it may take a couple cycles of this to get a calibration.

A battery is not a container that holds electricity. Instead, it is a condition of changing chemical potential energy. When charging, an electron is moved from the cathode to the anode, it increases the chemical potential energy. When electrons move from the anode to the cathode, it releases that potential energy in the form of electricity.
Due to this movement, batteries are neither actually filled nor drained.
The way a charger or reader determines the battery "fill level" is based on the rate of electron flow compared to peak voltage.
You need a baseline for this comparison to be accurate.

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Ok I'll try that, thanks

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Just to point out that the early Nickel Cadmium batteries had a memory issue and when installiing a new battery, required the battery to be charged up and drained 3 times. Doing this with a Li-ion battery will kill it completely - and this was not pointed out by our Toshiba support firm we used for spare parts! Yes, I killed a brand new Li-Ion battery by discharging and charging 3 times! For prolonging the life of a battery, never let it go below 35% and never charge above 80% - this was the only good thing I could speak of in regard to Samsung Notebooks that had this ability to not charge the battery above 80% - the downside - needed an app in Windows for this to work!

Edit - it has recently been discovered that Li-ion batteries DO have a memory issue!

so what am i supposed to do if i cant calibrate it without killing it,altough i never got to do it yet, so any other viable options?

See if running power-calibrate helps (scroll down to the Update on this askubuntu thread:

run it to 10 to 15 percent, charge completely. Do it again, and once more.

After this, test the lifespan of the battery and if it improved.

Depending on what you are running, whether you are using integrated or dedicated graphics, screen brightness and what options are on for the aesthetics... you may not get great battery performance.

If this does not work, you may have to get another battery. I've had to do this a few times for older laptops that the battery forgot itself and couldn't be recovered by reconfiguration.