Battery Not charging above 79%

My friend newly introduced me to Zorin OS. I'm Using on my Acer Swift 3 and i'm loving it. but problem is that when i was a windows user there is a software called acer care that can gives me the ability to charge the battery upto 80%. but when i installed zorin it's keep charging upto 80%. i don't know what to do PLEASE HELP


Sounds like you need to do some full discharge then full recharge battery cycles to calibrate the battery meter.


Didn't worked Please Help. It's still on charging stuck at 79

This is an old thread, but most information still applies:

If you are using your laptop connected to AC power all the time, then limiting charge to 80% may be advantageous to preserving longevity of the battery. However if it is truly charging only to 80% and you are using away from mains AC power supply, then I see that may be an irritation.
We are assuming it may be the battery meter (software) indicating 80% wheras battery is infact 100% charged. Hence suggestion to run some, not just one, battery meter calibration cycles.
If you are dual-booting with Windows, what does Windows battery meter indicate when "fully" charged?

Here's another thread that may help.

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I have an MSI GE76-231 Raider Notebook. Its a 2021 machine, in other words its modern. Second of all, because it is modern, it has fancy BIOS. One of the fancy features that it has, is I can keep it plugged into AC mains all I want, and the BIOS lets my notebook charge to 100% some days, other days, only gets charged to 90%.

The fancy BIOS is programmed to know how to govern the life of my notebook battery to extend it. And yes, I've even seen my battery sitting at 80% while plugged into AC mains before too. So if your machine is modern like mine, its probably just battery management.


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UPDATE: I had to format and install Windows and then after installing acer care i turned off the BATTER CARE. then back to zorin now it's charging Fully

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