Battery percentage goes from 100 to 94 directly

I have a HP pavilion EC1019au. Battery is 43wh by design. It's brand new laptop and battery health is excellent. But when the laptop is fully charged and after I remove the power adaptor laptop stays at 100% for long period and then suddenly falls to 94% everytime. How do I calibrate this? What's with such behaviour?

You can follow the procedure for Mac as it is the same on Linux.
I usually recommend doing this more than one time in a row. Charge it full, then unplug and let it drain all the way. On a Mac, it says it will enter Hibernation. On Linux, let it run until the notebook shuts down.

Just pointing out that is exactly how I was taught to treat a new battery. This will likely help.

A battery has got to “learn” the capacity of its cells and this helps it with that.


I couldn't access the link. It says "access denied". But I understood what you said.
That needs patience because I'm sure it will take 8 hours+ to go empty if idle.
Can I try this with some video playing?

That is strange... I wonder if that site is not on the up and up?

Knock yourself out. Whatever it takes to get that battery drained.

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