Battery Quick drain

I usually close my laptop lid and let it stay on with windows which last about more than one day but with zorin os it quickly discharges within one hour...........

Background heavy task might be running on your laptop so check again before closing the laptop lid again.

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Hi @Praveen ! What @Prajul said is likely correct.

You can try to find such processes with htop (or top if you don't have htop installed), or even the System Monitor (I think it's installed by default on Zorin), before closing the lid, and stopping anything that looks like a potential culprit.

@Aravisian is there a better way to know which processes might be using up cpu/battery?

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Also, try and install TLPUI. The default profile already helps a lot regarding battery saving and then you could even tweak it to taste.


On Zorin Core:
You can gnome power statistics (gnome-power-manager) and navigate to the laptop battery tab for an in-depth look.
Type battery in the Zorin App Menu to locate the application. Or power statistics.

You can view battery history in the next tab on that screen.

Thanks! I don't see any information about processes or apps using most energy, only the rate of discharge and such. Am I missing something?

(the laptop is connected to AC power most of the time, yes).

I dunno... That's Gnome and I do not use Gnome... I am also on Tower PC these days.
I think your suggestion of using top/htop is probably the next best thing.

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Definitely install tlp and I'd recommend indicator-cpufreq which will work with tlp to adjust clock speeds according to the power profile (on power, powersave, on demand...).

@Prajul Unfortunately I don't find any application which is taking more power, all I can see is the necessary process going on.
Also, the thing is When I close the lid my mouse and keyboard (external) both still works. I can see their light glowing. In windows it automatically shuts all devices which is connected to usb slots. I think this might be the reason.

Also, I'm gonna try TLPUI.
I'll update later!

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