Battery Reporting Issue

Hello, recently I have noticed that my installation of Zorin OS on my laptop (Acer Swift 3) is incorrectly reporting battery percentages. It is constantly saying that my battery is at 3% and is sending a lot of notifications saying its critically low and its getting annoying. My laptop is always plugged in and I can tell by the blue battery light on the side that it is fully charged. Any solution to this would be appreciated as the notifications are getting annoying. Thanks!

That is very annoying.
Most often, this is caused by the need to Calibrate the Battery due to a newly installed Operating System.
The procedure is as annoying as the problem, but usually very effective:

Use the notebook computer until the battery dies. All the way... Play a video and walk away if you need, but let the battery die.
Then plug it in and charge it to Full - all the way, preferably when you go to sleep. That way, it fully charges without use.

Don't jump when you read this line: Do this three times. Don't worry... the first time, you can drain and charge fully without use. But the following two, you can use the notebook while it is charging. Let it charge to full while being used, then once full, unplug the charger and let it run until the battery dies.
After those couple of times, it should be calibrated knowing the full levels and lack of charge - behaving properly whether plugged in or not.

Many users only need one cycle. I say three for thoroughness.

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