Battery (zorinOS, power-profiles-daemon)

Regarding the battery life, I'm not complaining, ZorinOS is really... Comparing with others, the battery life is good, but I would like to improve it, now that I'm in class, it's great, so... Yesterday I started to investigate, TLP configuration, (tlpui), power-profiles-daemon, system76-power and little else, I tried to install power-profiles-daemon, but I couldn't, why? I didn't actually find a way to install system76-power, for some reason I only saw that it can be installed on arch and fedora, but not on ubuntu (I didn't find anything). In conclusion, what can I do to improve the battery? Since there are certain things that are limiting me

It was noted on another thread recently that gnome-software was using up lots of RAM and I suspect power too. If you think you have all the apps you need, then remove it.


Some common battery problems are :-

  1. Battery life starts to degrade after a year or two (especially in notebook computers)
  2. Most of the battery is being used by background apps. (installed without users notice)
  3. Battery life is mostly affected by screen brightness.
  4. OS is Degrading battery life.
  5. Suspending PC also depletes battery life (majorly in old PC's).
  6. Restating services or opening or starting app without preload installed leads to additional battery usage due to high memory consumption caused due to the restart of the service.

I hope this will help you identify your problem :smile:


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