Battle of Two Evil Empires 💀 (Popcorn 🍿 time)

Microsoft is discouraging users to download Chrome on Windows.

That reminds me of a similar tactics Google took a few years ago:

If you are using Firefox on Linux, this is a popcorn time :popcorn:



TBF, Google IMO is just a teeny tiny bit worse than MS is, but it's sooooo slim you can't see it with the naked eye.

At some point someone will have to explain to me the fascination with these "Chrome" browsers... Because I don't get it. I've tried almost all of the big ones, and it barely last a day before I fire up my Firefox again.

But I'll sit back with you, while and just the let the two of them expose all the little secrets of each others browsers.... :grinning:


@FrenchPress Did somebody say popcorn?

In the deep dark void of endless expanse, as long as I have thy popcorn, everything will be ok. StarTreker 2021


For our popcorn specialist @StarTreker, I added an appropriate icon to the title.

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Is Micro!@#$% trying to win over Linux users?
Microsoft Edge Has a Secret Linux Easter Egg - OMG! Ubuntu! (
Well...all I can say is don't download Edge just to try out the Easter egg because that is what they are trying to accomplish.

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Exactly, I don't want to use anything from Microsoft. They are trying to invade my Linux desktop, I won't let them. Keep the walls up and gates closed boys and gals, keep that MS devil out!


Micro!@#$% is a dirty player.

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It seems someone@MS remembered the stiff fine they had to pay in Europe some years ago:


Companies like MS will never stop, unless government puts sanctions on them. Case in point, Nvidia is getting a little out of control. In an effort to prevent Nvidia from buying ARM, the FTC is suing Nvidia.

Nvidia, while they make awesome video cards and all, unfortunately, also has the history of buying up smaller companies, to destroy the competition, and yes, that is what a monopoly does. This is why the FTC is suing them, cause not even that organization believes Nvidia's lies!

Well, we don't buy the lies of MS, Apple, Google, or Amazon either, so the government should go after all of them, all of these companies have gone into run away monopolies as well.


Even after what micro!@#$% is doing, Google is helping micro!@#$% in making Windows 11's most unique feature even better.

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