Been seeing a lot of red popups lately

I ditched windows for linux because I wanted my low end pc to run faster on a low end distro AND I was getting tired of all those windows telemetry diagnostics whatever bs eating away my cpu/ram usage whilst spying on me. I've been genuinely loving my linux experience so far, learning new things, playing around the terminal, making my own customizations, and everything just running MUCH faster/smoother than my windows 7 experience.

But recently I've been having a lot of errors with lutris and game installations. Just this week I think I've had like a thousand errors while installing components and dlls through winetricks, a THOUSAND. Dxvk, Dx9, Vcruns, d3dx9, physx, .nets all these stuff are red, all of them are red. I know my hardware is very low end and ancient, but I never had this much errors on windows. I love that everything runs faster and smoother here, but all the games I've insatlled dont even run at all.

Tbh I went to Zorin because I've read somewhere that this is a great gaming distro, but I'm not having a great gaming experience rn. I chose zorin for "gaming", but I stayed here because of the community. I love it here, but I haven't been getting what I came here for.

I'm really lost rn and been considering to switching back to windows even if im VERY MUCH AGAINST IT. Upgrading my hardware is not even an option because money is tighter than a crab's @ss. Trying to fix all these errors eats away my few hours of free time and still nothing runs. Desperately need guidance with using Lutris.

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I wouldn't call Zorin OS a Gaming Distro. I would say it is a normal Distro which has a Focus for People who want switch from Windows and Mac. When You look for a Distro that is focused on Gaming maybe Nobara Linux could be something for You. All the Gaming Stuff is integrated. They have optimized Drivers and Kernels too as far as I know. Nobara is based on Fedora.


I also would not call Zorin OS a gaming distro.

It has wide gaming support. But is not a Distro for gaming.

One thing i would try is testing your hardware and games on Zorin OS 16 Lite and see if they work better.
Users with New Hardware need support too and the latest editions of kernels and distros are focused on the "new." I am not endorsing it; just stating it as a fact of life at the moment.


Upgrading to 17.1 has made some of my current Windows games to work without changing anything. Did you already upgrade to 17.1, too? Also, if you'll go back to Windows you may want to try Atlas OS.

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This looks neat and I'll definitely check that out. Windows with no bloat and spyware heck yeah. Tho I really wanna stick around with Linux because there's just so much to learn.


Does it have any difference with 16.3 lite?

Man this fomo feels so bad with this old potato I've got and I cant afford to make any upgrades at all. This just sucks.

Just why does it have to be this hard and complicated to play a game on linux. Why does it feel like were just emulating "WINDOWS" games. Were eating off of their leftovers. I want to recommend linux to my friends/families, but how do I do that if I cant even fix these tons of problems I've been having. Feelsbadman

Anyways enough of me yapping over here. Thanks man, you made my transition to linux kinda smooth and easier. Been only here for like 20 days and I've been loving it here. I'll try Atlas for a bit then maybe reinstall zorin and come back here.

I did a lazy typing... Yes, Zorin OS 16.3 Lite.

I use just Steam for gaming on Zorin OS and over-all, I have had no trouble.
Recently, there have been Steam Issues that are solely the responsibility of Steam (and they persist on Windows, as well).

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I do have os 16.3 lite rn, and most of the problem is on dxvk because my hardware is ancient. Like my gpu is from 2011, sys unit from 2009-12 series, hdd from 2013, everything about this system is old. Sadly I just didnt have the time nor interest to upgrade to a newer pc at the time. Mostly played League on this since it is very low end, until I quit because of Vanguard.

Dual boot :smirk::wink:.

That's what I've been thinking too. But its not really worth to do that on a 240gb hdd. If I were to do any upgrades on my pc anytime soon then I'd first buy a 500gb hdd first then maybe an 8gb ram.

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If you plan to use more Windows than Zorin OS Core you can give more space to Windows, just in case games that you want to play there are many, very heavy or both things :grin:. Atlas OS is interesting, if I still had Windows I'd have certainly tried it, just to see if there's a reasonable improvement in performance compared with the default Windows.

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Default windows felt much slower to me becuase of all the bloatware and spyware. Idle took like 2.3gb of the 6gb ram that I had back then. Its really hard getting rid of those bloated processes manually too, since you dont know what might just break.

Zorin has felt much better so far, but Dxvk is my only real barrier to entry for linux. Hardware too old for that.

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Like current devices, just look at your Android phone if you have one, there are some/much software that you don't need but are there and, almost surely, can't be uninstalled. At least, and with some luck, disabled. I don't like it but despite companies provide them for business matters and also hope to give the user a wide experience they don't at least allow uninstalling those apps.

You understand it, and I won't even suggest you trying to disable them (at least not without restore points or backups), I tried on my small Asus 1001PX when I could still use it and I just made some annoying warnings rise. I disabled stuff that, following a website that tells what each service do, I don't use but just ended up in making my system feel unreliable and unstable. Luckily I have a “safe clone” of that same laptop. Literally, I have another identical model, both with Windows 7 Starter :rofl:.

Yeah, GUI and most of the actions are the same as Windows, so even beginners to Linux can (hopefully) learn faster. About DXVK I don't know much, I never read about it enough, seems a kind of Linux version of DirectX.

+1 to @Aravisian's suggestion. I wiped my old PC (i7-920, 2x 512GB SSD, 24GB RAM) and installed Zorin 17.1 Pro on it.

While many Steam games work (about to roll though GOG, EA, Epic Launcher, Ubisoft games)...I wish I started with Lite as my base.

Too many strange regressions and crashes on Pro on that older system. On my laptops...Pro runs like a champ.

Oh well, live and learn! :slight_smile:

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