Been up to no good, lately... Cinnamon & XFCE users Unite

Here is a sneak preview of the XFCE 4 (4.16) or Cinnamon (4.4.8 or around there somewhere) theme I have been working on that a couple weeks ago I said was three weeks away from release.
This one has a Long Backstory to it. I spent a lot of time on this, aiming for perfection, as well as better visibility for the icon set.
In the Download Page listing, I will give the history.

For those that like Red:

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Great for submariners, me thinks. :grinning:

Released for XFCE or Cinnamon / Mate
no-csd or with csd

Icon set can be used almost anywhere.

NOTE: Although the Zorin Logo Menu Icon is visible in the screenshots, the theme contains a PLVMB Plomb Themed Menu Icon not shown. I just forgot to change it over during the PhotoShoot session…

Added Zorin Menu Lite theme and Whiskermenu theme for Zorin Lite users.