Being hacked by a package in software

Downloaded a package from the software page and got hacked.

[Majority of post edited-out by moderator]

In terminal, try

sudo apt --fix-broken install

and Read or Post the output here.
“Broken Packages” does not mean that you were “hacked.”
No one put anything into your kernel. No one put anything into Boot.

If you want people to help you resolve your issue and get your computer fixed and running- You need to post Clear Details of what you are experiencing instead of assumptions and accusations.

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Sorry to read about your troubles but that is not an excuse to make forum violations. You made numerous attempts to bypass the language filter through heavy use of asterisks. Please be specific and clear and state only material relevant to actually helping you with your problem. I have edited most of your post and left a sentence that should convey your issue. You can post further to clarify but please be mindful of your language.