Best compatible Mainboard with Zorin OS

Hello guys,
I am thinking to upgrade my Main board and CPU, I need a something with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in, What do you suggest for best performance and compatibility with Zorin, BTW I will use an NVME SSD.
I don't do anything special with my PC, except watching cartoon and surfing the net.

I can't imagine a current MB that wouldn't be compatible with Zorin.
I'm using a ASUS Prime Z390-P with an Intel I9-9900KF, and Geforce RTX4060 and two NVMe SSDs. Works perfectly.

The latest ASUS Gen 10/11 Intel Support MBs with built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi is PRIME Z790-A WIFI - Tech Specs|Motherboards|ASUS USA and I suspect it will work perfectly with Zorin.


If You want a simple System, I would suggest:

Mainboard: Gigabyte A520i AC
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5600G or 5700G
RAM: 3600er

Because You want to use a NVME SSD: The Gigabyte Board has a PCI-E 3.0x4 M.2 Slot.

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