Best desktop environment for Zorin 15.3 in terms of UI?

Best desktop environment for Zorin 15.3 in terms of UI ?

Personal preferences question. You'll get as many different answers as there are DE/WMs


You can customize most DEs out there...But if you want a DE that comes with a good UI by default the KDE and Gnome are the only one that I know of.

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I doesn't think Gnome to be more customizable. Currently I am using cinnamon DE and in cinnamon I can add as much as extensions on panel that I wants but in Gnome I can't find this utility + themes.

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I'm using Cinnamon, so you have another vote on that one.

Yes DE's are a personal preference, so it depends on how much customization you want to do. Cinnamon or KDE are my top two for that, Gnome is literally can't go any lower for me.

The only issue I've encountered with Cinnamon is when my desktop starts I have to constantly put the keyboard to UK over US, even though I have everything set to UK. I think at this point it may be the applet in the taskbar interfering with something.

Both on Cinnamon and KDE you can change pretty much everything using a GUI, you can download tons of themes, icons, etc and make your system how you want it easy peasy.

yeah due to these and many more things I love cinnamon. But I wants to giva a try to other DE also which can offers the more functionality what Cinnamon gives me.

If you want simple and fast XFCE is the answer, plus the ability to customize.

If you want easy step up and nice looks but not worried about control of every aspect of the DE Gnome!

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KDE would give you the more and the most IMO


Another vote for Cinnamon here .... I have XFCE and of course Gnome installed also but I love Cinnamon ....


XFCE. Since is like the DE for Zorin 15.3 and for me, if I will consider that 15.3 or lite should be "lightweight" then I'll go to XFCE. It's UI can be customize in order to be more appealing so that part doesn't bother at all. I'll consider Cinnamon if it can be as light as XFCE but given that I use Linux Mint Cinnamon, I know how much ram it takes and Zorin 15.3 supposed to be not that like one. But if it will come to Best DE for Zorin in terms of UI, dropping the 15.3 or lite version then we will have much more options to consider.


Back in the days when i used mint 17 i loved cinnamon, still do!. Hope Zorin or Pop! OS will use this as main DE. Now i am using Gnome, some hate it and some love it. I don't customize much so Gnome will do for now for me.

@Prajul Because your using a lite, i would stay with xfce. That DE is very light and less ram consuming.

Sorry I am not using the lite version. I am using the standard Education 15.3 version with gnome DE.

I didn't say that..... It was Michel who did....

Ohh sorry my friend I got struggled while editing the post.


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