Best lightweight OS to use in VirtualBox on Zorin?

I'd like to practice terminal commands and learning the syntax involved with the Linux command line. I will not be doing this on my actual install of Zorin OS 17 Pro, but rather in a VirtualBox environment using another OS. That is what I need help with here. What lightweight OS would you recommend to use in VirtualBox on Zorin OS? I understand that all distros are (at the heart of it) the same underneath, so the terminal would remain the same. But I'd also be interested in practicing on a Linux OS that would stay responsive in a virtualized environment. I have an i5-9400 CPU, 32 GB of RAM, and a 8 GB Radeon 580 RX video card. Do I go with XFCE?

And so on and on. Thanks.

I would start with Zorin OS Lite, actually.

But if you want to simultaneously explore what other distros have to offer, you can try MX Linux, Linux Lite, Asmi Linux Or Mint (XFCE).

If you want a minimal install with minimal aesthetics, will not be installing anything on it and just want a performance machine you can abuse; Antix.

Actually, I thought of Zorin OS Lite after my initial post above. Thanks for the other suggestions. Never heard of Asmi or Antix. I'll have to look into them both. Thanks!

UPDATE: Installing Linux Mint 21.3 XFCE in VirtualBox ... why not? Tally-ho ...

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The great thing about virtual machines is that you can create and throw them away at anytime, so pick and choose whichever distribution you like and play with it as much as you want.

The main differences you'll find between distributions is the default selection of software installed, the package manager and from time to time some minor differences as to where some configuration files are placed.

Indeed. Have nuked Linux Mint 21.3 XFCE and will be trying Zorin OS 16.3 Lite.

Installing Zorin OS 17 Core on VirtualBox. Zorin 16.3 Lite was interesting to try out and play around with. I can safely say that the Zorin Group made many correct choices in going from 16 to 17 in terms of UI design and functionality. I like 17 Pro very much, and I hope the Zorin Group stays on the same track going forward.

As a famous comedian from Northern Ireland said "And there's more!"

Plus Devuan whose default DE is xfce, and also systemd free.

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