Best operating system

Zorin OS is the best operating system I have used. I've tested tons of OS, but Zorin is definitely the best. Whether it's the interface or the functionality, it's so good! I think it even made me quit Windows. I really hope Zorin OS continues to improve, like maybe adding OEM installation in the future. Thanks to the Zorin team for this great operating system!
(I don't know if this is the right category to say this, or even if the forum is the right place, but really Zorin OS is amazing)


I mean, you posted this in Feedback, so you posted it in the right place.

Can you explain more about what made you switch? I am glad you are happy, but I just need you to elaborate. Thanks!

IDK if they would add that, My guess is that only OEMS like Laptop for Linux and Star Labs have access to OEM installs, but I think they could be adding it at some point in Zorin OS 17.1.

Thanks for the feedback! :grin: :innocent:

GDay @Zac0511 , Welcome to the community!

It's always nice to get positive feedback, Thank you.

This maybe of interest,

Zorin forum community!

What made me change:
Applications on Windows, you have to look for them everywhere on the internet, except that there may be a virus, but on Zorin OS (or Linux in general), you just have to search in Software, and even here you can run Windows software ( I know it's Wine but it's really cool that it's integrated like that).
Also Windows is paid, while Linux is not (even if there is Zorin OS Pro, but that's an edition, there is a free version)
And also on Linux the interface is much more customizable, and the default one of Zorin OS is super beautiful.
And there must be other reasons but I can't think of them at the moment.


Thanks for elaborating! Also, if you wish, you could pay for the Pro version. However, it's up to you if you want to get that version. And yes, most parts of LInux are free, excluding some examples like Elementary Linux.

Either way, glad to hear you enjoy it!

You don't need to go pro unless you want to. You could always make a donation to keep the project alive:

Elementary OS is free, you just need to type 0 into the other price thing, and the purchase button turns into a donwload button.

But Zorin OS is still the best OS

holy terminal it is possible