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I plan to install Zorin 16.2 LIte on a laptop that already has Windows 7 on it. My C-drive shows that I have 310 GB free out of 448 GB total. Therefore, Windows 7 and all of my files are only taking up about 30% of the space. I've read that I should allocate anywhere from 10 GB to 100 GB for Zorin. I plan to use this computer primarily with Zorin. Is there any reason not to allocate 200 GB for the Zorin partition?

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When you run the installation device, "along side of windows", the installation will split the drive equally.
Is you wish to set the partition size, You need a minimum of 50Gb, You can have as large as you want, 200Gb is perfect.
Hope this helps.

This really depends on your configuration as well as preference. If you plan on using Zorin a lot more than Windows, you will want to allocate more to Zorin.

If you have your home directory in the same partition as your system directory, you will want more for Zorin.

If you use each equally, split it equally.

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Another thing to consider is where to keep your data files that currently occupy space in your Windows partition. If you wish to share files between Windows apps and Linux apps then need to make sure the file system allows that.

Hey there buddy! Glad you are coming over to Linux and moreso, Zorin OS! One of my favourite distros at the moment.

Nothing stops you from assigning more memory to the partition for Zorin OS. As others have already said, it boils down to personal preference. Logically speaking, most common users use the desktop (regardless win/linux) and default folders/storage locations on their PC. E.g Things like My Documents, Pictures, Downloads folder, etc (get my drift :stuck_out_tongue:)

Assuming the latter, I would personally assign as much as I can possibly give, especially if you are dual-booting and going to use it more primarily over Windows.

I am also new (sort of haha) but there are amazing people here, easy to use website and friendly community always willing to help!

Let us know how it goes. I hope you are installing on an SSD also - you won't be sorry. :slight_smile:

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