Best place to ask for general linux help?

Could anyone point me the right direction for when I have more general linux questions, that aren't Zorin specific?

There's a whole bunch of stuff that I have questions about, from setup for sharing data between dual boot windows & linux, app alternatives, online backup solutions, general linux good practice etc etc.

I don't want to spam all this stuff here if that's not appropriate, or there's a better forum for these sorts of questions.

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The Stack Exchange sites are a good place to both ask questions, and search for answers for questions that have been asked before:

There is also Linux Questions if you prefer a more traditional forum format. It's quite active and is not specific to any distribution.

But keep in mind that you can ask here no problem. Obviously, if you have questions about Linux Mint or Arch, you should ask in those communities. Not just because of the "stay on topic" thing, but because you are likely to get better advice there.


Thanks for those, all bookmarked.

All my questions will be related to running on Zorin, but some I'm not quite clear where the lines are drawn between the different parts that make up linux.

I'll try here first then, but won't be offended if pointed elsewhere.

If you want to do a full websearch for a question relating to ZorinOS then just write it and add "...Ubuntu 22.04" to the searchterm. That will also likely give you hits from some of the sites listed by zenzen in his above post.


thanks, already used that tip a lot today for various customisations!

That's how I have mine set up. Actually got Zorin on a separate disk and it can access the windows partition, which is really handy for transferring stuff across.

Any idea if that would stop working if I turned bitlocker on?

You'll see plenty of that here, and for good reason: that's the whole point of the WWW, after all, link to other pages! It's also good to have at least some discussion going on for people who end up here after running a search online, too.

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