Best Screen Casting Program

Having problems casting from Zorin 16:1 Core to Chromecast hooked to TV.

I can cast YouTube videos and can also cast desktop without sound using Google Chrome Internet browser, but cannot cast desktop with sound.

Is there a program that can help me cast desktop with sound to Chromecast hooked to TV?

Thank you!

I;m unsure of any software that enables this on linux :thinking: however I've never needed to do it. If your device has a HDMI cord could you just plug it into your TV and mirror it that way?
It's what i've been doing with one of my systems for years and I go into the display settings and turn the other monitor off and just run it off the TV

Thank you. I just might try the HDMI cord option. The Cast to TV sounds way to complex for me, at least at this time. Perhaps when I become more familiar with Zorin Core 16.1 OS.

This could be a show stopper for me. Currently I have my main laptop that I was thinking of switching to Zorin, but I might leave it on Windows because casting using Google Chrome is relatively simple and bug free. I use casting to TV in the evenings so that my husband and I can watch (and listen to) the same video.

Another option would be for me to connect the laptop sound to external bluetooth speaker (that has incredible sound and volume) but might have a lag with the video. Thank you for your suggestions.

OK. I hooked up my laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable and I got the picture! But, no sound. I guess the sound is working off of the laptop (low volume) and not off of the TV. Any suggestions on how to get the sound to switch over to the TV speakers?

You could open alsamixer in terminal, and see if any outputs are muted. Unmute by moving to the channel and type "M" , excluding the quotes. Also increase levels if needed.

Thank you for your response.

Actually, what I did to correct the issue was look on YouTube for Windows 10 "turn on sound" and I mimicked the advice and went into my sound settings. Then I was able to switch the sound from "internal" to "TV".

This works great. I turn on my computer and TV and the screen automatically shows on both. Then I start a movie. Both picture and sound work perfectly.

Problem solved!


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