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Hello guys,

Is there any video player just like Deepin Reborn?
VLC has a little freeze after pause/play the video, and some players are very limited on options.
Is it possible to install it on Zorin OS?

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I do not know anything about Reborn, so I am just going to toss a couple suggestions out there. It’s no big deal to install them and test them and remove if you don’t like.
I use Totem. Although, I guess Gnome, trying to be more like Microsoft, is changing names of things… I think it is now called “Videos.”
I rolled my eyes even as I typed it.
I will admit, it has grown on me though with some interesting and unique features. It has a few Gnome-isms and a bug to be wary of- You cannot remove the preinstalled channels. If you try, the option is grayed out. It is not possible, there is no workaround… Gnome. Control. You’ll take it and like it.
Aside from this, I still use Totem, barring finding anything better.
Prior to that I used Xine, which I find superior to most in many ways. The only reason I am not using it currently is that the Controls for it are put in a separate window which I find annoying enough that after using it for a long time, I could no longer take it. The human mind is a strange thing.
I realize you asked about a Similar App to Reborn, but I think it could be beneficial for others to throw in many suggestions as checking out new apps can always bring a welcome surprise.

Now that I have wasted your time…

sudo apt install deepin-movie

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Thank you very much @Aravisian
I think I have to try some of them, at least some new ones.

Another good player is MPlayer and its YouTube plug-in SMPlayer. :wink:

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