Beta Zorin 17

My understanding is that Zorin Os 17 beta would be ready around July 15, 2023.
Does anyone know anything about it?

If I had to guess.... I'd have to say No. We are currently on 16.2. So, I'd have to guess 6 months after 16.3 is released. Oct/Nov time frame for 17..

But this is just my guess.

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This is just a conjecture of an article writer. Considering how long it took them to release the Zorin 16 beta.
Anyway, the developers have stated that Zorin 17 will be released during the second half of this year.


That could be anytime between July and December. A lot of testing needs to be done before official release.

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I asked somewhere the same question and answers was it will be finished release without a beta but i coupe be wrong missunderstanding.

I hope the new version will be taste like good a bootle a whisky.

I am in no hurry because I have no complaints about 16.2.

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