Bibletime-3.0.3/ 9: cmake: not found

trying to install bibletime 3.0.3 ..
README says .. run This will
also build in ./build/, but then install to /usr/local.

  • Intel® Celeron(R) CPU N3060 @ 1.60GHz × 2
  • Zorin OS 16.3
  • 64-bit
  • X11

error.. 9: cmake: not found
i can navigate to parent folder /usr/local using Files App
or can navigate to same in terminal - i need to extract where prior to install?- because right now extracted to /home/pc/Documents/btime/bibletime-3.0.3
need to download cmake or no?
guide at GitHub - bibletime/bibletime: 📖 BibleTime is a powerful cross platform Bible study tool.

open to try alternatives listed at if easier to install

There is a Flatpak version.


You also can install cmake to make that error go away:

sudo apt install cmake

I tried adding cmake and a few other requirements as listed in the repo but it got tedious quickly, hunting down for missing dependencies so I think this is a valid use for Flatpak :smiley:

If you still want to build yourself note that you need a compiler for C++ 17 which simply means that gcc which comes installed by default in Z16 won't work right out of the box for that. I'd recommend you install clang instead.

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