BIOS Check after Zorin OS 16 installation

Hello. I am super new to the Linux environment. I downloaded Zorin OS 16 core for my 7 year old laptop. During the installation process, the USB flash drive accidently loosened due to which the first installation was not completed properly. I force shut down my system and again initiated the process. But this time the booting had some random code and then the Dell logo. I had not seen that before. I am assuming the BIOS was disturbed during the installation. Is there any way to check it? Further how do I get updates since in windows, Dell support would do the job. Thank you

P.s. my computer knowledge is very basic and this is the first time I dared to try this feat.

The BIOS is unlikely to be affected.
Is Windows currently installed on the machine? If so, is it a version alter than Windows 7?
If so...
Please boot into Windows, navigate to the Control Panel > Power settings and disable Fast Boot or Fast Startup.
Exit Windows and using your specific Manufacturers F key, enter the BIOS / EFI settings. Ensure that in Secureity, Secure Boot is disabled.

With those done, if not already done, I would recommend inserting your Zorin OS Installation Medium and booting from it and performing a Fresh Installation.

There have been issues in the past where users had difficulty installing due to an out-of-date BIOS - I also pointed this out at the start of the Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15 (Page 7 - Usually Dells will only update via a Windows Install but there is a guide on the Dell forum here:

Not sure how you will fair - F2 boots into the BIOS on a Dell, F12 boots into boot option mode (floppy, USB, CD, HDD).

Be sure to have the notebook plugged into an AC supply before attempting to flash the BIOS and make sure that you use a USB port that is not loose!

I erased windows, and in the first attempt, I left my system without any os inside it. Then I installed the zorin os again and left the notebook undisturbed until it was done. Is it possible some windows left overs in the hdd might affect the os??

I have downloaded the latest bios exe. I will try flashing it and then update.

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