Bios update destroyed everything

Yesterday i received my Dell bios update from software app . I updated it and it was successful but now when i started my laptop. It gets stuck at the Dell logo and does nothing

As shown above. But the intresting fact is that that i was playing games before all this happen today. After Playing i shuttedown the laptop and after an small break i came back and to my surprise i was not able to boot . So i tired getting in bios same issue gets stuck at preparing one time boot menu and i somehow entered bios menu and another shocking thing i saw . Leaving my SSD no opreting system was detected. I even reseted my bios settings.. after all this i waited for sometime and few mins latter i saw the zorin os in bios but named Ubuntu. I clicked on it and was booted in zorin os . Just for testing i switched off my laptop again and started it same no is booting . Same old Dell logo . With no sigh of Zorin OS after a min zorin logo comes up and boots but why is there a dely and why all this happened ?

I used to have a Dell laptop a few years ago but stopped using it because I became suspicious of too many firmware updates. Frequent firmware updates should not be done because they can cause new problems.

I guess same happened with me

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That is normal mine always shows Zorin as Ubuntu in my BIOS menu ....

But whats the solution to the problems

Do you have access to Dell support?

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I was merely replying to his statement that Zorin shows up as Ubuntu and not Zorn .... I didn't want him to be concerned abut Zorin not showing up in his BIOS

I don't have a Dell .... mine are Asus and Acer .... so I have no solution for Dell

Why are you so sure that it was a BIOS update and not some GRUB issue ?

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Correlation does not mean causation.

I will close the topic as zorin os started creating many issues like

1: software app shows unable to install or uninstall but the apps getting installed.

2: zorin started to glitch up like after playing a game the display was not able to go to it's original resulution

And much more . The current update is that i am using win 11 now on that laptop and zorin is on another laptop as i want a Linux os tooo.

Regards Adit

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