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I am curious when windows bitlocker support with be added.
All of my external drives have been encrypted using windows bitlocker. I can connect the drives manually, but it is a real PTA. In distros like Ubuntu and Pop_OS, you just plug it in and it will ask for the password, remember your password, and auto-mount if I like. But in Zorin, I have to download extra software and do a lot of work in the command line to get it working every time I plug it in.

Or is there a piece of software that already exists that incorporates this into Zorin's file explorer?

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I believe that package is dislocker.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y dislocker

I have never used it... So I am not sure if any configuration is necessary.

EDIT: Nevermind; I found a guide for setting it up after installation of dislocker:

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Good question, will be nice to get this in new version of zorin.
Without installation

If you both could create a thread in the Feedback Forum making this request, it may help the ZorinGroup to know about it.

Yea dislocker works great, and I used that to manually mount the partitions, but I was hoping for something like Ubuntu/Pop that just automatically maps the partitions and opens the dislocker-file to a new location. It is just seemless and acts just like a regular external drive, just asks for a password

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Does the guide not cover automount for the drive so that it performs in the way you describe?
I did not fully read it. Just to be clear... I often reply to threads while multi-tasking and cannot really devote enough attention to things (which has caused me grief a few times).
Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu as is POP_OS, so it seems very likely to me that what you are looking for should be pretty easy to set up.

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