Black folder as default

Hello guys,

How can I use the black accent color as the default folder color?



In zorin Appearance, you can Change the blue to black. (Themes)

As @Mouratti said, or do you mean something else?

Thank you guys, I know that, but it doesn't change the folder color to black, It changes to another color, something like gray, or I don't know the name of the color :smiley:

You want black folders and may be icons? Try "Shade of Z - Orchis Black"

It's not completly black, but it's darker than the Zorin Grey.


Thank you, @Storm
I like the default Zorin theme bc I can use the folder color, these icon packs are not compatible completely or at all with folder color.
Anyway, it is not a big problem, I can change the folder colors manualy.

Thank you

Abdulhalim, looking at your screenshot of your Zorin Appearance Settings, it looks like you have selected Dark Background with Dark Accent. In my own opinion, nice choices. But the trouble is that Dark Folders will not show up on a Dark Background. Because of this, the Zorin Appearance App is selecting Light colored Folders in order to increase visibility.

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Thank you, @Aravisian, I will check it

So I changed the dark theme to light, and then I choose the black accent, it's not black, it's gray, I want something just like the above row folders.