Black friday offer: ZORIN OS

Hello, I would like to know if there will be a Black Friday offer: buy zorin os


beep beep... Я робот

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It's a DEAL now! It's a donation for "Independence" and help for developers of an AWESOME OS that work hard so you don't have to pay 100s for a M$ OS that comes with bugs, virus, and major computer purchases to use. :grin:


Special price for you from €39,- to €69,- on black friday :joy:.


So far, 84 % of the people answered that they chose Zorin 10 Pro to support the developers.

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Considering windows is over $100, it's already a discount at $40... if you don't have enough to support the devs, try the donation button on the about page. Zorin OS Core has all the functionality of Pro. 4 layouts and bundled software that is freely available and install support from the devs themselves is what's missing. The main reason to buy pro is to support the developers.

Over the holiday season would you take a pay cut to work? It's essentially what your asking.

Most companies can offer a discount for their products because they already over charge you an outrageous amount. This is a bit different in Linux OS's. I would not be surprised if other Linux distos are also not offering this.

Since the OS is already a steel at the current price, why would you ask it be lowered? Are any of the other Linux os's discounted?


That why I choose a Zorin long time on market and I hope they will be many years. If I checked on table Linux how many distribution died. That means I trusted Zorin.


Oh, yes.
Tell me about it.
I spent much time and effort learning CrunchBang - and it just disappeared :sob:
Since that time, I consider the stability of each project before deciding on the distro.


CrunchBang alive.

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It is not a linear development of the CrunchBang.

The original developer changed his OS to Mac and later to Windows I've heard.
He also refused people to continue his project with the same name.
Due to this, there is another non-linear development brunch called BunsenLabs.

Last time I checked, BunsenLabs was more stable than CrunchBang++. That might have changed in the last couple of years though.

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Yes then some people geeks are going to corporation?

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Yes I have seen this happen.

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