Black screen after login kicks out back to login


So I installed Zorin OS on a bootable usb.
Set up my username, password, location, etc.

Whenever I start my pc now it shows me the msi logo, then the zorin login screen as it should. However, when I enter the user password to log in, it takes me to a black screen, then kicks me out back to the login screen

So, are you trying to install Zorin and run it from your USB? Did you follow any guides on how to create 'persistence'? Also, what is the size in Gb of your USB?

Zorin OS is installed.
The issue I'm having is with logging in after boot.
I click on the account user, type in the right password, it leads me to a black screen and kicks me out back to the login screen

If you download the unofficial manual I authored for Zorin 15, I covered the options available to you when faced with the dreaded login loop, take a look there:


Can you please clarify if it is installed on the hard drive or installed on the USB stick?

I didn't create or know about persistence. But I will read the guide you provided. Thanks

My manual does not include a guide on persistence. I mentioned the manual with regard to the login loop issue. I would never write guidance on 'persistence' anyway as it shortens the life of your thumb drive. Better to have two thumb drives, one for the live OS and the other for storing data created by the live OS.

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