Black screen after reboot

Hi I searched the forums but found no useful help for now..

I didnt update something, just rebooted and was greeted with my main monitor being turned off. Thought I'd reboot to fix it but now cant even get into the bios. There is nothing showing up and its just black (not turned off, just black). PC is turned on and working as it seems.
I have timeshift but cant access it via usb since I cant start it.

Where to go from now? I had this problem in the past but was able to boot into the live usb and roll back. Not now tho. I suspect mynvidia driver to be at fault but not sure..

Edit: using dualboot and encrypted drive.

Ok not really sure why this all happened but I managed to fix it. Turned off the power to the PC for 30 Seconds. Then could boot into the main-system to reset it.
Im confused. Never worked the first 30 or so reboots but after that it suddenly worked.

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