Black screen at Live USB + regular install attempt

Well the boot troubles occurred before I altered any of the files to restore the windows installation. Ideally I want to factory reset the device so I can try from a fresh install, just haven't got the time at the moment.

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In the good old days you could press space bar at boot to access Function key assignments. In addition to the quietsplash you could also add noapic and nomodeset xforcevesa - I had to do this on an old Dell tower the service was disposing of and I too had black screen with Zorin 9 until I added xforce vesa. (Graphics command).

I am obviously getting to this post late, its a lot like showing up to a movie when its all over and people are now leaving.

For the record 3200×1800 is not a normal 4K resolution of any kind that I am aware of, that is an extremely oddball resolution. 4K is 3840 * 2160. Here is a screenshot from my Nvidia X Server Settings page. As you can see, I am running a dual screen setup.

My 4K TV is the one running on the 3840 * 2160 resolution...

Yeah. That is what makes it so great.

Yeah the 3200x1800 thing was in my case just following a suggestion I think to rule out whatever could be ruled out by a resolution change. Obviously I run the screen natively 99.99% of the time. The only real issue for me is that the Grub menu is tiny and that, obviously, the black screen prevents me from knowing what's going on or doing anything about it.