Black Screen Youtube Video Online [ZORIN OS CORE 16]

Hey !

I have a problem with Zorin OS Core 16 when i want to see a video online (youtube, Invidious, etc...).

After a few videos, Zorin OS "crashes" and just shows me a black screen. PS: I have already installed ubuntu extras

My config : 16GB RAM / AMD Ryzen 5 / NVIDIA RTX 3060 LAPTOP

This is quite disturbing since I am forced to restart pc every time.

So I ask for your help, thank you

Can you please post the output from terminal of:

sudo lshw -c video

It looks like you are falling back on the integrated graphics, but Nvidia is not kicking in when intense graphics are needed.
In Software & Updates under the Additional Software tab, which Nvidia driver are you using?

Update your drivers and also reset your driver settings.