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Hello I have laptop of Intel hd graphics and a amd graphics . For some reason amd graphics don't work and gives me blue screen on windows so I have been using Intel . Right now I have installed zorin is lite . First time I had installed
All updates . After couple of reboot it was showing me black . Then I again installed zorin then also deactivated amd graphics using radeon.modeset=0 in terminal . But after one Iam back to same again . The cursor only shows in black screen . I can go back to login screen . But after login black screen again . I still don't know if it's because of my amd graphics or a bug of zorin .plz anyone help me

@Aravisian is our resident XFCE expert. And since you are running Lite, he will be able to provide you the best advice.

In the meantime however, I did find this for you, which might be useful. Its from 2019 though, so not sure if the advice is current enough.

Likely, due to AMD. This is not an XFCE issue, but a graphics issue.
Most importantly, while we could discuss the merits of AMD on Linux, AMD is very well supported on Windows. Which leads to:

I suspect the graphics card is faulty.

He's using Zorin OS LITE, which is XFCE correct? Thats why I mentioned it.

Also, Nvidia has much better support on Linux, which is why I recommend Nvidia. I know that is no help for him right now, but knowing that, could help him in the future, if he so should choose to buy a new computer, to go with Nvidia, since he's using Linux.

8 years ago on the mint forum they recommanded amd because nvidia was a nightmare with support. I love the shift from nvidia

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Me Too - AGREED! :+1:

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