Blackscreen on installation window


I wanted to test out Zorin OS - but all i can do is boot in the menue where i can choose an install option .. There is a little white line runing at the top of my screen- after it reaches the right side - my monitor goes to black .

When i choose an install option - monitor goes to black.

Made a hash test- positive
Deactivated secure boot and fast boot.. Still no game-Any ideas`?

Thank you

Your Graphic Card?

Would it help if you chose 'Try or Install,
Safe Graphics' on the boot menu?

Can we go back to basics please? What is make and model of device please? (Desktop or Notebook?)

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It's a Desktop PC.. Windows 11. Msi Motherboard.grafic nvidia 3080ti founders edition

Did you select the option "Try or Install (Modern NVIDIA Graphics)"?

Your Graphic Drivers are missing or the Desktop is not installed,

Check out these links :-

Also, Find the Drivers which are compatible with o Graphic Card

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I need to install something beforehand? The Guide says i can just boot and install it as it is ? And i dont even get to starting it it automaticlly goes to black screen in the bootwindow before i have installed anything.

I am using a Nvidia 3060 card and when I installed Zorin OS on this new machine, the card was recognized and configured without any trouble.
But occasionally, something goes wrong. It may be that in your case, the card was not immediately recognized.
It is true for any operating system; Windows is supposed to boot up and use; and not supposed to get BSOD.
Mac OS is supposed to boot up and use - not freeze.

When things go wrong, we can only try troubleshooting.
When you boot the Live media for Zorin OS, are you booting from USB or from DVD?
What did you use to burn the Live Media image? Unetbootin? Rufus? Balena-Etcher?

When you boot the Live Media, do you see an option at the grub menu to tap the e key listed at the very bottom to edit grub?
If so, tap the e key and look for a screen like this (Example I am using is of Ubuntu)

You see quiet splash there? There are a couple things (parameters) we can try adding to see if we can get things working. If the issue is that the graphics are not initializing, we can add nomodeset. You can navigate the cursor on the editor screen using your arrow keys.
You may need to add iommu=soft
So for example, trying both, you would see it look like:
quiet splash nomodeset iommu=soft

What this all means:
Quiet - this means that the system will not show the verbose print of all the initializing and modules being loaded.
Splash - this means that during initialization, the screen will display the plymouth splash screen
nomodeset - this means that no mode is set, causing the system to fall back on the default graphics instead of trying to load the Nvidia Graphics drivers (prior to the initialization of other modules that Nvidia drivers need in order to run, which can lead to a crash)
iommu=soft - this sets iommu (input-output memory management unit) to memory cap to 4gigs for applications in order to prevent stalling due to lack of resources during initialization.

Let's see if either or both of the above can get the Live Media booted up and running.
Once it does, after testing for a bit; the full installation should you choose to proceed should eliminate the need to redo those parameters since the drivers, etc. should fully install.


Thank you for your answer- im using an usb device that i dowloaded from zorin website- i created both with ether and rufus- both same result - i dont see this menue at all.

All i see when i boot from usb is the options to install zorin, safeinstall and so on

It does not say "Try or Install Zorin"?
The "safeinstall" option should include the nomodeset in the configuration. What happens if you try that option?

Does your machine include an integrated Graphics card, like Intel, or is it only run on the dedicated Nvidia card slot?

No. You misunderstood - it does say that but i dont see this gnu grub that you posted - only 4 options to install zorin .

My motherboard also has integrated grafic card yes

Every option i choose leads to blackscreen- waiting a while leads to blackscreen as well

The screenshot I showed must be pulled up - it does not display on its own.
From the Try or Install Zorin OS menu, please try tapping the e key to pull up the Grub Editor window that I showed a screenshot of.

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I can Press F2 for commands. Should I put the Text in there?

I tried also install safe graphic immedeatly Leads to black screen

This guide is written for Ubuntu, but everything should work the same on Zorin OS

Puhh sounds complicated.. is there no "easy" way to test or install zorinOS... thats why most "normal" people stay away from linux- unfortunatly - i dont wont to tinker in bios with things i dont understand

A statement like this inspires me to avoid this thread.

It is understandable that a person reserves caution if they are not fully familiar with an operation.
The logical course of action, however, is to learn the familiarity rather than demand others do it for you. The more you are convinced that you are incapable, the more control you must give to others over you.
BIOS settings are placed there as much for Windows Users as Linux users. They are present for all users, whether novice or expert and are within your abilities.
Windows users run into much similar difficulties installing Windows OS. You can peruse countless threads about Windows Users running into RAID issues, installation woes and a large number of them are not provided a helpful guide on how to overcome the issue. Many end up taking their machine to a dealer or shop and shelling out money to have it repaired.
How often do Windows users need to enter regedit and change the value of a DWORD?
And I am certain that everytime they do, they complain that they should not have to edit the registry in order to get things done.

Entering Linux for the first time is daunting because the new user fears what they do not know. But after being conditioned by Windows and often, other elements of society, to lack belief in their own abilities (and thereby, to give up control to someone else), they end up feeling only frustrated and confused.
I would encourage you to enjoy the opening world before you.

  • One of User Control. Being able to set up your machine, your way.

  • Developing and expanding knowledge. Your brain has no capacity limit that you could possibly fill so do not fear what you do not know, fear unknowing, instead.

  • Developing greater confidence. Believing in yourself is a very strong step toward recognizing how capable you are. Being self-sufficient and able to tackle problems fearlessly is a much better experience than feeling lost and confused.

  • Relying on your resources. Ask pointed questions. There is no shame in not knowing something, only in refusing to learn.

Most ummm... People... stick with Windows, begrudgingly and grumbling all the while, because they do not trust themselves and because they Fear Change. It is not Linux or Windows, the same reason applies to why Most People stick with all the other habits and customs and ways of doing things that they learned early in life, regardless of whether or not a better way is suggested. Why people stick with ebay instead of other auctions. Why people stick with trash collection, rather than effective recycling.

You have fallen into a minority of people that have installation issues on a machine that was built for Windows. Perhaps on a different computer, you would have had no issues and been happily browsing on Zorin OS right now. Unfortunately, you hit the odds and this time... Something didn't work.
We can grab the bull by the horns and persist with tenacity or

...give up.
In Linux, you are in control of your choices.

The reason I had no trouble installing Zorin OS is probably because my PC used a general-purpose barebone. PCs from major manufacturers may not have hardware or firmware designed for OSes other than Windows.

I remember this and what he talking. When he starting what i remember he need push shift button @Aravisian gived me guide on this forum. It propably depends what hardware he have and bios settings. Some never a computers difficult installing Linux. I remember when i started installing Zorin have a near problem with my old GPU graphic.

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