Blank screen Budgie Themes

Hey guys,
I use Zorin SO Litex64 and installed Budgie Themes:

It prompted me with some message that it will be activated after reboot, nothing was happening and then I restarted my PC and nothing happens now. The Zorin logo shows up and then a black screen. If I hit F2 when booting, I eventually end up with this:, and from there nothing happens, unresponsive keyboard, etc.

Any idea on what should I do?

Reading the description in the Software Store, it looks to be a package for Ubuntu Budgie.
Zorin OS uses Gnome or XFCE.
This package appears to replace the display manager.

The github is here:

Can you please try tapping tab or left shift key or esc key At The Motherboard Splash Screen to pull up the Recovery Grub menu.
IF tab does not work, try esc. Tap with vigor.
Once you see the Recovery Grub, select Recovery Mode. Enter the recovery menu. Arrow key down to "Enable Networking." Follow the prompts to enable net connection. Once done, back out to the menu and arrow key down to the bottom to Drop to Prompt.
Hit the enter key, then type in (With No Typoes Allowed):

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

It worked, thanks! I will be having many more questions but I'll try to go through the docs first.

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