Blast From The Past

The Mrs was rearranging some stuff in our 2nd bedroom we use for storage and asked me to see what she had found ..... I had completely forgotten about this little computer ..... you might be interested in seeing it ...

Acer Iconia W510


Acer Iconia W510 (Iconia Series)


Intel Atom Z2760 2 x 1.8 GHz, Cloverview

Graphics adapter

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 3650, Core: 533 MHz


2048 MB , DDR2 SDRAM


10.10 inch 16:9, 1366 x 768 pixel, 5 Finger Touch, Multi-Touch HD Acer CineCrystal, IPS, Gorilla Glass 2, glossy: yes


64 GB SSD, 64 GB , eMMC 64 GB


2 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, Audio Connections: 3.5 mm, Card Reader: micro SD, Sensors: position, ambient light, NFC


Broadcom BCM4330 (b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/), Bluetooth Bluetooth


height x width x depth (in mm): 9.9 x 187 x 259 ( = 0.39 x 7.36 x 10.2 in)


27 Wh Lithium-Polymer, Battery runtime (according to manufacturer): 1080 h

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 8 32 Bit


Webcam: Front: Acer CrystalEye FullHD, Back: 8 MP Webcam

Additional features

Speakers: 2, Keyboard Light: no, USB adapter, dust cloth, quick start guide, Acer Ring, Acer Explorer, Acer Crystal Eye software, Acer Cloud, newsXpresso, 12 Months Warranty


1.266 kg ( = 44.66 oz / 2.79 pounds), Power Supply: 117 g ( = 4.13 oz / 0.26 pounds)


599 Euro

I wonder if this would run with Zorin Lite ..... it originally came with Win 8 but I had Win 7 Home Premium installed when I bought it ..... Screen part comes off and you can use it as a tablet ..... the keyboard is really nothing but a docking station .....

And guess what it still works ...... I had not seen this in more than 10 years ..... I used it to only take to the malls and tinker with it while the Mrs did her shopping ..... now you can do all that on our cellphones .... how times have changed .....


Getting an early start on spring cleaning I see. HEHE

I own a couple of Acer computers, but their from circa 2011 - 2012, so I was never aware of this model, since I was still using a desktop that I built back in the 2000's. The picture of this machine looks a bit off to me, but still shows what it looked like for the most part.

I never understood why they did this with computer's back then. If your going to be above 1.5GHZ, why stop at 1.8GHZ? Why not just set the frequency to 2GHZ and be done with it? Back in 2002, I built a 2GHZ machine, which predated this machine, cause I was using DDR1 RAM.

Clearly not a gaming machine, but I don't think this machine was ever designed for that purpose. We didn't have thin and light notebook's back then, but if we did, this would align with the typical spec you'd find from a thin and light. Its about portability, and thats what they do well.

Now, this is an excellent amount of RAM for its time, I believe DDR2 came out in 2005 at the earliest, so I'd expect this computer to be spec'd for that time period. I had about 2GB of DDR1 in my desktop machine in 2004, I upgraded it to 4GB of RAM, which was the mas the mobo supported, back in I think 2005 or 2006.

The display is less impressive, only 10"? God I hope you had good vision back then. My vision is so bad, that even with glasses, I need a larger screen then that. Text on a 10" screen is like 8-point at best. Practically a glorified tablet with perks. The part about the screen that I do like however, is that its an IPS panel, which was kind of unheard of for its time, so it was ahead of its time in that regard.

But that glossy panel, while it may help to make the colors pop and all, its going to reflect every bit of light you could possible imagine. There's a reason why they stopped making glossy panels for TV's, being that plasma was pretty much the last TV product to utilize them. lol

Now this also surprises me. Technically, 200GB mechanical drives were king at that time period, and you really needed them for storage if you were a gamer. What surprises me, is that your computer came with a 64GB SSD drive. SSD drives really weren't a thing yet at the time, most folks couldn't afford them, and they were always drastically less in storage then mechanical drives were for the time.

The typical thing we did with desktops back in the late 2000's however, is we would buy say a 200GB to 512GB mechanical drive for our storage, but then buy say a 64GB or 128GB SSD drive for our boot drives. We learned early on, that using an SSD drive where your OS is installed, greatly sped up the computer. So this is nice to see on your old computer, I approve of that!

USB 2.0 was still the standard in the 2000's. And since this was meant to be a compact machine for its time, having only 2-USB ports, was also the standard. Yep, micro SD card reader, that kept being a thing all the way in the twenty teens. Sensor position was a less common thing to find in a notebook, but common in a tablet for cell phone.

Oh gosh, I could never forget Broadcom. We had so many issues with Broadcom drivers, it wasn't even funny! Realtec was a far supperior NIC company, they made the best stuff.

Lithium batteries were still pretty new in the 2000's. 27 WH is a fairly small battery however. Unless the computer was running at 1GHZ most of the time, I doubt you had much battery life. If I had to guess, this thing probably lasted maybe 2-hours on battery and then she's dead Jim lol.

Oh God no, not Windows 8. It was a useless hunk of garbage. It was Microsofts attempt to get in on the action of the mobile tablet space. Windows 8 was a failure, and their own Microsoft Surface notebook was a colossal failure, as was their attempt to try to enter the cell phone market, with the Windows phone.

They should have stuck with what they know, software, and that is Windows XP and Windows 7, their best OS's they ever made. Everything else is a waste from Microsoft. Forget Windows 10 and 11, your better off staying on Linux these days lol.

Back in those days, I am really surprised it wasn't using a 5MP camera. Back in the 2000's, mega pixel's were hard to come by, as they cost a lot of money per mega pixel. These days mega pixels are cheap, and we often see 40MP that was usually devoted to only DSLR professional camera's, now found on Iphone's.

Weight in at just under 3 pounds, pretty much matches modern day thin and lights, for the same purpose of portability.

Hmm, seems a bit high for a glorified tablet with a keyboard. IMO, the cost of the machine should have been no greater then 400 Euro. But what do I know, I just look at the value I see, and I look at the number I think matches the value, while being fair to the consumer. Too many companies have been doing this, and its worse now days.

You see what Nvidia charges for their desktop gaming cards now days? They got too big for their britches and now think their God's of the tech space. Their video cards cost 3-times what they did back in the 2000's, its ridiculous.

Thanks for sharing memory lane with us. You know that I am a huge computer nerd, so you should understand me having fun with your post. You shouldn't expect anything less from me. And I was happy to share in the moment with you on the nostalgia trip down memory lane.

Nothing like a nostalgia trip am I right?

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Fun Fact:
Acer owns the Companies:
Packard Bell
Gateway (eMachines)
Texas Instruments



Interesting the own the two companies that failed to resurrect the Amiga, that said Gateway was really only interested in getting hold of the Commodore label!

I still have a mothballed HP Mini akin to the Acer. I would take this on holidays (It has Windows 7 Starter on it) and I would use MultiSystem to boot into Zorin! I only used the Windows element to download footage from the Sony DCR-SX33.

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Aren't many 32bit OS's around anymore, sadly.. But, have an older Dell laptop rockin Z15 Lite 32bit :sunglasses: Mint LMDE is also offered in 32bit too, but very few others - if you decide to go that route. You can try 64bit OS's out, but I'm kind of leaning toward some lag with the RAM and CPU.. Not hating! But love breathing new life into old stuff. Definitely good luck! :grin: :+1:


Just a little more info on the Acer W510 mine was made on Sept. 26, 2011 and the price we paid for it was $499.99 we found the receipt .... I was mistaken with mine having Win 8 and I changed it or had it changed ..... I found the the little pull out tab on the side of the unit and it was installed with Win 7 Home Premium by the factory or the seller which was Acer bought in an Acer outlet ....

I believe the earlier ones like this one were made before Win 8 came out or right about the same time ....

Not to afraid of the CPU or low RAM but I am concerned with the 32bit as I spent the entire afternoon tinkering with it trying to find a browser besides Firefox that would work but neither Brave nor Vivaldi would play nice .... Vivaldi even had a version for Win 7 32bit but Win would not open it in fact it wouldn't even except the download .... showed 0 in the downloaded file folder .....

Guess the best thing to do is to pack'er back up and put her away and just say "I got one" ......

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I use an HP 8460p every morning for workout music. i5 second generation and I found a 16Gb of memory for cheap a few years ago. It has hosted multiple operating systems.


If you dig it out again later - give something with MATE a shot. That's usually my go-to for something older / questionable..

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