BleachBit Scheduler , or automatically running cleaner

in ccleaner app in windows, I think there is a feature in pro version for automatically cleaner in some conditions, how i can do that in bleachbit or there r other apps that have these features?

I have found command can run bleachbit depend on the options that I have choice it in the gui of the app.
sudo bleachbit --clean --preset

I have put that command (sudo bleachbit --clean --preset) in the crontab by using zeit app:

*The question here : How I can know if that command or task has been run?

A very easy way to be to ensure that the Thumbnails in your home directory are checked for removal in BleachBit. After the time for the preset scheduled cleaning, check your ~/.cache/thumbnails/normal (Or large) directory and see if it is emptied.

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I have tested that, but it's working only when run the command in terminal , and not working when put the command in session and startup or in corntab, may be the command with sudo doesn't run in session and startup or corntab, I don't know

Is the command placed in a bash script, with the bash script given exec privileges and placed in startup or chrontab?

sorry , i just put it like that:

sudo bleachbit --clean --preset

in corntab, or in session and startup
not in a bash script , sorry if u recommanded me to do that with bash script, how i can do that?, what i did was that: in file
sudo bleachbit --clean --preset
and put it like that /home/eid/ in session and startup and in zeit app to put it in crontab, but it still not working


sudo bleachbit --clean --preset

Save the file in a safe location, like your ~/Documents; make the file executable.
Add the file name / path to your startup and chrontab.

I don't know but I think the problem is that using sudo in an autostart script cannot prompt you to enter your password

Good Point.
Though this is written for 16.10, the principle still applies;

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it's working now, the steps r:

  • To clean everything selected in the GUI, use
    sudo bleachbit --clean --preset

  • To make that command as task scheduler
    crontab -e
    and I appended the command to cron file ,I don't need to use sudo as that cron file is running as root(the same idea of /etc/rc.local in the link of ur post)
    * * * * * bleachbit --clean --preset(or I can use zeit gui crontab to add the command as post1)

  • and to be sure if that is working , I go to ~/.cache/thumbnails/normal as you told me about that the good idea ,it's working very good now
    so, the solution for me is just(clear the word of sudo from the command when putting it in crontab). Thank u very much

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