Bluetooth Audio

Hello again,

I have posted seperately on this topic, but at that time I was not able to resolve my BT audio issues, so effectively gave up.

I have deiced to revisit this and try to get my Bluetooth audio to work.

To that end, is there a way I can delete / restore to factory any and all bluetooth and audio settings so that I can "start from scratch".

Thank you,

Try just reinstalling bluetooth I believe it is bluez but could be blueman first run sudo apt remove bluez then sudo apt install bluez and try again

If it is bluez after removing and reinstalling it also run sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service and sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service

I will give this a go and report back on progress. Thank you.

No luck with this method.
I tried to connect and whilst the headphones were paired. It just refused to connect.


I also then got into a loop with the UI saying "Bluetooth OFF"..."Turn off bluetooth?"

Thank you for your help. I have made a step in the right direction.

I applied this "fix" and can now connect my bluetooth headset.
Well, it says it is connected, however I did not get the "Bluetooth connected" voice in my headset that I would normally get.

The issue now remains that even when connected, the headset does not appear as an audio device for me to select as the output device.

Any suggestions?

2 Steps forward, 1 step backward.

Managed to get some audio through the bluetooth headset, but only one ear and very jittery and unstable. Worse than last year when I first tried all this.

Now back to not being able to connect. (I wish there was a pattern to this intermittent connection issues).

I dispair! (excuse the pun).

Sounds like a hardware issue. How old is the device (headphones) and how old is the machine? (PC / laptop)

If it is working try settings > sound > then change output device to your headphones. - this should work using gnome desktop environment core/pro

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My machine is 3 years old. Should be fine.
I can't try your suggestion - the BT headphones are not listed as a sound output device.

I have managed to get my BT headphones to connect to Zorin OS installed on another machine (even older).

Is there a way I can compare the settings between these two machines?

I have looked at some folders in /etc and tried to compare them but so far have not found anything amiss. Where else are bluetooth / audio settings saved?

Thank you.

Concluding thoughts.

I have managed to resolve this issue, but not convinced it is the "right way".

I had tried just about everything, and through a combination of changes now have bluetooth audio now working through my Sony BT headphones.

  • I disabled the onboard BT module in my HP Elitedesk BIOS.
  • I plugged in a generic USB BT receiver.
  • I re-installed all packages refering to bluetooth
  • I used bluetoothctl and entered the command for "set default"

I did run across other issues which have now resolved themselves. These included what must have been conflisst with my BT keyboard + mouses's unifying receiver.

The headset now connects and works as expected, without jitter. It is still slow to be "found / connected" but I'm not going to pursue this further in case I break it.

So my problem / solution seems to revolve around incompatibility between the onboard BT and my headset, which I have resolved by using a 3rd party USB BT dongle.

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