Bluetooth fails to connect to headphones

My Zorin 16.2 Computer shows that Bluetooth recognizes headphones, but returns "not set up". How do you set up so the pairing can happen? Computer screen says visible as "computer name" and available for file transfers. Says nothing about audio.

Gday @Sailboat ,
What Zorin Editon do you have? Core or Lite,
( Could you please adjust your Profile to show your Editon, saves us asking, Thanks. )

Is this a new install?
Is it Dual boot?

Try with the headset recognized try running the " Software Updater "

Let us know.

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From websearch using "bluetooth headphone not set up ubuntu 20.04" (as Z16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04). Is there anything here that may help you:

Also if you are in the Software Updater app, check your source is set to "Main server" rather than a local/regional server.

I have the same Problem:

I apologize, I am using 16.2 core (for now) likely will move to Pro if my "bugs" get sorted out. The initial install was for 16.1, but updated to 16.2 and is NOT a dual boot. Solely Zorin. When I check the bluetooth tab in settings, it lists my headset but says it is not setup yet. I have tried to pair using the pair feature in the headset, but there is never a connection. What software application am I looking for to update? I will restart the computer and open bluetooth again and try software updater. Thanks

I started the computer, checked bluetooth (it is on and listing my headset) went to software and tried updater...everything is already updated. Attempted to pair headset again without success. What to do now?

Gday @Sailboat ,,
Click the bluetooth Icon in the taskbar,
select " Devices ", highlight your headset, & click " Setup " , follow the setup.
Not sure if this is the part your having trouble with.
See how that goes.

Note: you may not have this issue in Zorin Pro, as it has Lot's more pre-installed, hence more codec's/etc

Have you tried installing blueman bluetooth manager, if not already installed.
That has helped others in the past to solve bluetooth issues.

same issue here. actually it's the worst issue i have with zorin these days, audio over Bluetooth doesnt work. same pc with fedora works fine.
installed blueman, i can pair but no audio device appears in pulse audio.

In settings (Zorin 16.2 core) bluetooth shows AvantreeAS90TA (my headphones) and 3 other devices listed separately and all show "not set up". None of the other devices are anywhere near the computer and they are NOT turned on. When I click on the listed device (in this case the AS90) the arrow starts to swirl as if trying to pair, but it does not pair.
How can I "remove device" listed and restart th computer? Perhaps removing the devices will enable a pairing with the headphones. Only thing is that I cannot determine how to remove those devices.

Thanks for suggestions.

Ok clearer now,
Try the headset manual, you may have to hold/press a button to accept connection.
With mobile device's, when you click them, you will get i popup to confirm both on pc & phone.

To remove other Device's,
Click the device you wish to remove, a small window will appear.
First Disconnect the device, then at the bottom click " remove Device".

Note: Device's have to have been " setup " prior, to be removable.
Your system will show all device's within range, I'm not sure if you can block them from appearing. But they are inactive & with bluetooth setup/password, they can not connect.

Hope this helps ( sorry for late reply, im crook/sick atm)

Ok, I tried the blueman bluetooth manager. No change in problem.
"Pairing Failed!"

To me it seems to be an issue of Zorin's Ubuntu substructure. I can only hope that with ZorinOS 17 it will be a thing of the past.

Just want to add here, I've followed these steps to move to Pipewire and now my Bluetooth speaker is working again. The speaker now appears as an output device in PulseAudio control. hope this helps.

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Are you shure that jack work with pipewire?

Interesting askubuntu post here:

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