Bluetooth got uninstalled

Hi, I am new to Linux and accedently i uninstalled bluetooth from Main menu. :confused:
After it, In settings the Bluetooth option is not showing.

Actualy I wanted to pair my bluetooth headset, after pairing the mic was not working then I searched on google, then I pasted those commands to the terminal, after it my bluetooth connectivity had also gone then I googled again and found that I need to reinstall bluetooth again.

So, after uninstalling the bluetooth I don't know how to install it again.
Plz Help me!

Gday @Aman1 ,
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Open the "Software" app.
Search for bluetooth & reinstall from there.
Select the one at the top For GNOME.
You can use the others if you wish,
Hope this helps.
Let us know.

Being a new install maybe just as easy to re-install?


With the dependency setup of Linux, doing this is exceptionally easy to do... I did it (more than a couple times) when I first installed Zorin OS. You must be very careful. I only do installations / uninstallations from the command line, so I can read the prompts. I do updates from the Software and Software Updater applications. When you're doing an uninstall, if you ever see that it's kicking out anything that says 'Zorin' or 'bluetooth' or anything else you need, you know to press 'n' to abort the process.

sudo apt install bluez-cups bluez-obexd bluez gir1.2-gnomebluetooth-1.0 gnome-bluetooth libbluetooth3 libgnome-bluetooth13 pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

That should get enough of the dependencies pulled in that you get a full re-installation of bluetooth.


Thanks! @Ocka for replying
I did as you said but unfortunately nothing happened :upside_down_face:

I installed this Bluetooth and whenever i click on launch button, opens this system settings window.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks! @Mr_Magoo for the code
I pasted the code on the terminal, didn't get fixed.

I don't know much about it, so I am attaching this screenshot.
If there is any other step to be done please let me know.

Please run this in the terminal.


Do you get any error?

If not try the following,

You could try reinstalling Zorin.
Remember to backup your data first.

Yes, I am getting this,

I don't know if this is an error or not.

See what happens after entering this command in the terminal:

sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

[Source: networking - Bluetooth is Broken, Is there a way to reinstall it from scratch? - Ask Ubuntu]

It just telling us that bluetooth is missing/broken.

Just bare with me i'm getting some advice,

If you get back before i reply, you could try inserting you Zorin Media & bootup from it, you will see " Check installation medium for defects "
Try running this, see if it helps.

Thanks! @swarfendor437, I entered this command and after entering the password nothing happened.

Screenshot from 2023-02-11 12-29-54

Thank YOU!! @Ocka,

I did as you said to insert zorin media, booting up it and go for
Check installation medium for defects
But there was not any option showing that

it was like this

Does any solution here help?

Sorry @Aman1 ,,
This is one of those things that happens ( trying a new OS ) i had to install several times, from tinkering. :smile:
So download anything you wish to keep from the pc, See attached " How to ".

After that , first try these below commands ( One at a time ) & see if any of them work.
Try this,

reboot & try.

If not try this next:
sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-control-center
Try again,

If not, Try
sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-bluetooth

Hope one works.
Please let us know how you go.

If none of the above work, Then it will need to be a new install.

If you wish to keep added programs etc, follow this link Before installing.

I actually recommend against this. Unity is an entire D.E. and this will require tricky dependencies.
If the O.P. is using Zorin OS Core, they are better off with gnome-control-center.

You could try:

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

in order to resolve issues as a bundle.

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Edited: Thank you.

Thank Everyone!! for showing this support.
I tested and tried every suggestion and didn't get any results.
@Ocka as you suggested for reinstallation for OS,

I think this is the only possibility that might work.
So, I will reinstall the os during my school holidays till I use my wired headset :sunglasses:.
Again Thanks, Everyone.

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Your Welcome,
We live and learn :+1:
Keep that usb install drive handy, :smile:
Please mark your last post or the second post, as " Solution ".
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This lets others know they may find a fix for them here.

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