Bluetooth headset problem Zorin 17

I've connected my Jabra Elite 4 headset, first time connecting it all was well and i was happy!
But after that the headset allways connects and allways shows up as output unit but STILL the sound keeps playing through the computer speakers........

I've tried to reconnect my Jabras but no luck..... even after doing it many times no luck.....

I've tried to install blueman, does not help......

So I tried to connect a different headset (some cheap over ear headset) but with the exact same result!

Everything connects, shows up as connected, by it self gets choosen as output source but the sound still comes from the computer!!!!

Other than this Zorin is the best OS out there! 17 is Rock solid and so nice!

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You could try to install PulseAudio Volume Control to see if you can there Your Headset to work. For this open the Terminal and type:

sudo apt install pavucontrol

When it is installed You should find it in the Multimedia Category.

Thanx, after using Zorin since Zorin 16 was released this is the first time i've hade ANY problems......

Good tip, but no luck.....
Still dont work, sorry to say

There is no need to install Blueman as the built-in Bluetooth Utility implements the exact same settings.

What you may wanna look for is pavucontrol, which allows modifying where each individual program plays audio. Sometimes browsers or games will not switch to the correct audio source, so this is a nice utility to have installed.

OK!! Solved the problem!! :slight_smile:

Connected the Jabra headset as usual by adding a bluetooth unit. (First time of course)

The problem was that even if Zorin shows it as connected and marked as output source there was no sound.....

If i then choose internal speakers as output and direct switch back to Jabra as output it magicly starts playing!! :slight_smile:

So i would say, some kind of bug when Zorin automaticly switches output......

Also to mention, being I recently had a similar issue. Internal speakers would not kick on when turning off the bluetooth speaker. Kept going back to default speaker which was non-existent. So I went into Pavu controls and turned the default speaker 'Off'. Now it works as it should when turning off/on bluetooth.