Bluetooth Issue: SONY WF-1000XM3 connection problem with Zorin OS 17.1 Education

Hello Guys I have problem connecting my buds via Bluetooth to my Zorin OS 17 Education Edition. Steps I followed are below

  • I have entered the pairing mode in buds
  • Once it is in pairing mode I have enabled Bluetooth in my system
  • Then I have connected it to my buds and it shows as connected.
  • Even After connecting I can't hear any sound from the buds but getting out.
  • I have checked in terminal using command also.
terminal bluetoothctl


Buds : SONY WF-1000XM3
Laptop : HP OMEN [O15]
OS : Zorin 17.1 Education

Here I will be attaching the screenshot of connected buds to system.

Connected Screenshot

System Specs Screenshot

I have updated all my drivers and have all updates till now and restarted and tried to connect also but yet it is not working.

Anyone from the team or who is capable to help me for this can please help me. It would be really a great help.

Thanks in advance hope it clears : )

Hey guys sorry to say like this but I am happy to share that after many attempts finally my buds connected . Somehow god has find a way to connect LoL. :smile:


I'm glad it worked out by the power of the gods :melting_face:

For others going through this thread looking for answers:
After the device has been successfully connected but you still can't hear any sound coming from your PC. You may have to make sure that the correct output device has been selected in Settings > Sound