Bluetooth Keyboard Died

Looks like I will be missing for about 1 week as my Logitech K380 has died after 2.5 years of heavy use .... apparently a key became stuck and the keyboard .... which I leave on all the time .... tried to connect and complete it's task with the then pressed key ....

When I woke in the morning the battery was almost drained and the power and connect light was blinking furiously ..... put in 2 new batteries and the lights were still blinking .... tried typing and found the stuck key unstuck it but the keyboard went bananas trying to type ....

Yes I have a keyboard on my laptop but some keys are in different places and my typing position is greatly changed and uncomfortable using it .....

But two good things are ..... I ordered a new one .... cheaper than the original one ..... and the fact I won't be typing on the forum for about a week .... you lucky people you .... but I will be reading everyday ..... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yay! Frog free hours!!!! :sweat_smile: Drinks are on me! :sunglasses:

On a serious note: Is it possible that something is still pressing the the key(s)?

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:rofl: :rofl:

It could be ..... I'm gonna take it apart when I get a little more time .... when you press the back key it goes nuts or doesn't do anything at all .... tried using the arrow key and choosing delete to remove a typing error but that takes forever .... :thinking: :grinning:

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That happens if you spill coffee with sugar in the keyboard. I once had a keyboard where I spilled a whole cup on it.

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Just took the keyboard apart and it is as I thought can't be repaired .... it has 10,000 of those little plastic melted rivets holding the keys in place .... you can get to the mother board but not the keys ....

Did a typing test of all the keys and found the left hand arrow key stuck .... so I beat the ■■■■ out of it an for now it seems OK .... but time will tell .... i'm typing this on it as we speak ..... they make a cover you can put on these so I may look at buying one ..... probably just trash under the key ....

Sorry but looks like you will be stuck with ma a bit longer ..... :stuck_out_tongue:


What about logitech warranty ? I remember in the past i got a new keyboard from logitech when mine died (5 years warranty)

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@Frog I was about to say, turn the keyboard over and smack its bottom to realease the key or debris, but you got there before me. @Aravisian would be proud of your mechanical engineering skills, no hammer required. :smile:


Didn't think of that ..... I'll check with the new one when it arrives as to the length of time and any locations in this country ..... problem in a 3rd world country is they don't always go by manufacture's warranty but issue their own ..... like 7 days return and a one year warranty ..... or flat 3 days return 7 days warranty ....

Yup ... crazy I know unless you pay to be shipped both ways back to the manufacture .... and quite honestly in this case it wouldn't be worth it .... $23.60 for the new one

Ain't no such thing as a Walmart warranty here .... you know if you don't like the color just return it for full refund no questions asked .....

Darn ..... as I was typing this the period key stuck and I had three full lines of . before I could stop it ..... again banged the key after I shut it off and reconnected and it is fine .... for now .... :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :grinning:

Hummmm ..... may need that Crescent-Hammer yet .... he says as he limps along ..... :rofl:

You can try compressed air to free any debri but a tried and true way is to place it in the dishwasher (top rack) and run it. Seriously. Ensure it is dry before plugging it in and voila, clean, working keyboard.

It's a bit more time consuming, but using a soft bristled scrub brush, you can wash it by hand. Use a sink hose and hot water to spray under the keys.

This was actually taught in schools back in the day. Still applies, though keyboards aren't mechanical much anymore. It will not hurt it, don't do it every night though.

This is not recommended for laptop keyboards. External only.

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