Bluetooth losing connection

Hello I followed your instruction but when I want to close files it said I don't have permission to save changes to the files , and I entered command to terminal it said I am in root "mode"

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Please describe the problem you have with your Bluetooth along with which version of Zorin you are using.

Hello. I am using Zorin OS 16 core.So issue that I have is that my Bluetooth mouse when is connected works some time than stop, when I want to disable and enable Bluetooth interface will not enable Bluetooth again. I tried to do what Aravish suggested in terminal to type command sudo -i and than change lines in 2 files: /etc / NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf wifi.powersave = 3change towifi.powersave = 2 and remove hashtag in following/etc/bluetooth/input.conf #UserspaceHID=true,UserspaceHID=true but when I want to close and save changes I got message I am not allowed to make changes

Hello Vlad, try it with;

sudo nano {path to file}

on both files

After adjusting the line use CTRL + x and then y

when you say path to the file you mine to type this in terminal after sudo-I? I am new to linux , so my questoin is maybe stupid :grinning:

Yes, but it's

sudo nano /etc.....

for both files.

it got me there but how to move inside this to get to the file and edit the line

Your doing alright there, but I believe this is not the right file, because the values you are suppose to mutate are missing. Close it (Ctrl +x and n).

Try again but use the full right path which is given by Aravisian,

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf

it should lead to this output with the values present;

got it , I am in and now I just delete 3 and punch 2? how to save changes now and exit?

I described it above; CTRL + x then y. :wink:

Fixed :grin:

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It's ok , but I believe it would be read-only then, but I might be wrong.

same thing again works for a while and stop working, and when I go to bluetooth options it shows as mouse connected and when I want to disconnected will not allow and move back slide as connected same thing for headphones

cat /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf

this is the respond I get when I type this in terminal: [connection]
wifi.powersave = 2

Can you please note all devices mac addresses.
Then, disconnect all Blue devices.


You will see a couple of prompts. First

agent on


default agent

Using your Mac addresses for your devices


Replace PLACEHOLDER with the mac address of the device




same thing worked for a while and stop working, shows mouse is connected in bluetooth setings

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