Bluetooth mac airpods not connecting with Zorin Pro

i recently installed Pro version on my Macbook pro 2011. facing 2 issues
Bluetooth is able to detect my airpods but not connecting, when i try connecting it just freezes the Bluetooth window . tried many times restarting off on Bluetooth etc. nothing helped so far.

When i used Linux Mint previously it worked seamlessly.

one more problem is webcam is not working too.
any help with these is highly helpful.

Welcome to the Zorin Forum. Always nice to meet new users. Have you checked this thread?
I posted a link to a page that explains how to install pipewire, it solved all my issues connecting to Bluetooth speakers and headphones a while ago. In case it's your main pc, you should give it a try on a zorin image before you commit on it. Just to be on safe side and avoid destroying anything.

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